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Dani Specs

  • SKAA / SKAA Pro dual-mode transmitter featuring two balanced analog audio inputs and Burr Brown input buffers and converters
  • Designed specifically for sending audio wirelessly from pro audio gear to SKAA speakers, SKAA headphones and other SKAA receivers
  • Ideal for wirelessly connecting your analog or digital live sound mixer to front-of-house speakers, floor wedges and headphones
  • Perfect for wirelessly connecting your DJ mixer / deck to your main speakers and/or your cue mix headphones (for example Dillinger Helix headphones)
  • Ideal for sending out wireless cue mixes from your DAW or mixing desk to your live room — to talent wearing Helix headphones, for example
  • Flip a switch and Dani works with consumer audio devices — transmit audio from any phone, tablet, iPad, computer, camera, music player — literally any device with a headphone jack or an audio line output
  • 14 hour run time from a full charge using its internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Feed 4 SKAA speakers or headphones in SKAA mode (at 36 ms latency)
  • Feed 2 SKAA speakers or headphones in SKAA Pro mode (at 19 ms latency) … great for lightning fast scratching and finger drumming

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more Specs

  • Two 1/4"TRS balanced/unbalanced line level inputs with input impedance > 10k ohms
  • Inputs 1 and 2 can be used for Left / Right audio or to carry separate signals (eg. FRONT OF HOUSE on 1 and CUE MIX on 2)
  • Got XLR balanced outputs on your DJ Controller?  Perfect.  Just use two XLR-F to 1/4”TRS balanced cables to connect it to Dani
  • Legendary Burr Brown input buffers
  • Legendary Burr Brown analog to digital converters
  • Global volume control for all downstream devices.  Dani doesn’t scale your audio prior to wireless transmission — instead it remote controls the gain in the amplifiers in the downstream devices, delivering the best signal to noise ratio possible at all volume levels.
  • Mute/unmute control for all downstream devices
  • Thru jacks wired in parallel with the inputs so you can flow your signal to the next destination in addition to transmitting it out wirelessly by SKAA or SKAA Pro
  • Thrus are great for a hybrid system in which there are wired speakers in the front of the room and wireless speakers in the back of the room.  The output of your deck connects to Inputs 1/2.  Thrus 1/2 then feed your amps.
  • Thrus also enable you to run 2 Dani transmitters at the same time to double your wireless speakers at a gig.  Connect your mixer out to Dani A's Inputs.  Then connect Dani A's thrus to Dani B's inputs using two TRS balanced patch cables.
  • Dani can handle a wide range of line level signals from the wimpy to the extreme.  Feed Dani from a meagre headphone jack (3.5 mm phone or computer source) or hit it with +22 dBu of XLR balanced signal from the hottest DJ mixer.
  • Li-Ion battery is user replaceable so your Dani won’t become a useless brick in the future
  • Dani charges from any USB power source (virtually any USB phone charger with a Type A jack will work) — use the included Type A to Type C cable to connect it to the Type C charging port on Dani’s rear panel
  • Fast charging is supported when a 2A (or better) capable USB power adapter is used
  • Fuel gauge tells you how much battery life is remaining — last bar will start to slow flash when 45 min battery life remains
  • Auto powers off when battery reaches empty
  • Up to 50 meter reliable indoor range with the included +2 dBi antenna (note that actual range will depend also on the antenna implementation in the receive-side device)

Download the Dani Owner's Manual PDF