Breaking the Mould

The audio industry is in a rut.  It's loaded with uninspired high-tech products and high-quality old-school products.  Where are the inspired, high-quality, high-tech products?  Why should users of wireless headphones necessarily have to be saddled with lacklustre Bluetooth wireless?  Why doesn't your whole-home audio distribution system also support headphones?  Why can't you use your home theatre surround speakers for other stuff throughout the week?  You know what we're talking about.  It's that feeling you got when you came home from Best Buy having bought "the best WiFi speakers money can buy" only to find out you couldn't use them to watch Netflix on your iPad in bed.  Or to play a game.  What the hell is that?

We at Dillinger Labs think the limitations existing audio products saddle you with are bullshit.  We don't believe complexity is required in order to achieve flexibility and performance.  We believe the word "compromise" is the hallmark of mediocre minds.

We have arrived.  We've made our home in Nashville.  And we are turning down the suck.