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Helix Specs

  • Designed to meet the stringent requirements of pro musicians
  • Able to effortlessly handle hundreds of other use cases, too
  • 10 hour run time
  • SKAA wireless built in
  • SKAA Pro wireless built in (auto switches to SKAA Pro when bonded to a SKAA Pro transmitter)
  • High-quality SKAA wireless headphones —if these are not the best wireless headphones you’ve ever owned, return them to us within 30 days for your money back!
  • Built for Dillinger Labs by top Japanese headphone brand
  • Adjustable headband fits virtually everyone
  • Great for long listening sessions such as flights and commutes
  • High-quality ear cups effectively keep out external noise
  • Stunning black and red design
  • Volume control +/- buttons

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more Specs

  • Track control: Play/Pause, Next Track and Previous Track supported via Power button click commands (1, 2 and 3 clicks)
  • SKAA Bond Button and Indicator
  • Use up to 4 SKAA receivers (any combination of Helix headphones and any other SKAA receivers) at the same time with any one SKAA transmitter (or any one SKAA Nadja hub)
  • Use up to 2 SKAA receivers (any combination of Helix headphones and any other SKAA receivers) at the same time with any one SKAA Pro transmitter
  • Remembers up to 10 of your favourite transmitters (and/or Nadja Hubs)
  • No pairing —instead use the Bond Button for easy single-sided bonding (selecting the transmitter you want to hear audio from)
  • 25 meter indoor range when used with Ursula, Akiko, Talisa and Serena SKAA transmitters as well as SKAA Nadja Hubs
  • 15 meter indoor range when used with Izabella, Diz, Gemma and Casandra transmitters
  • Low latency —great for watching movies, TV, playing games and even playing musical instruments (eg. Using apps such as GarageBand or AmpKit+)
  • Automatically powers off when not in use to save battery
  • Charges from any USB power source via Micro USB connection using common cables and adapters
  • Works with SKAA cmd (optional app) when used with Ursula, Diz, Izabella, Gemma as well as the new Casandra and Serena SKAA transmitters
  • Each Helix is configurable to output L, R, stereo or mono mix (access via SKAA cmd app)
  • DJs will love the L and R feature since it will enable 2 DJs to listen to separate content from a single SKAA transmitter like Akiko or Ursula
  • 20Hz - 20kHz audio
  • 48kHz, 480kbps audio quality
  • charge cable included

    Download the Helix Owner's Manual