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Valerie Specs

  • SKAA Pro wireless mic
  • 12 hour run time from a full charge
  • Built for Dillinger Labs by the same factory which builds top-tier Japanese microphones
  • Stunning black design
  • Continuous fader for pre-amp sensitivity control — at your fingertips
  • Volume control +/- buttons — remote control the amp gain in the speakers you're feeding
  • One-click mute which instantly silences all bonded receivers — click again to unmute

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more Specs

  • Use with the New Soundboks speakers in Join mode — no dongle receiver required
  • Use with any SKAA speaker, headphone or receiver
  • Valerie sends your vocals to up to 2 SKAA receivers (any combination of headphones, speakers or receivers such as Rush or A-Link Plus) at the same time
  • No pairing —instead use the Bond Button on your SKAA receiver for easy single-sided bonding (selecting the Valerie SKAA Pro mic or transmitter you want to hear audio from)
  • 25 meter indoor range
  • Great for talk and for singing
  • Automatically powers off when not in use to save battery
  • Charges from virtually any USB power source — use a common phone adapter to charge Valerie (use a cable with a Type C connector on the Valerie side)
  • Full range audio
  • Built-in high-pass filter at 130 Hz — massively helps to reduce feedback and hand rumble
  • Lightning fast 19 ms end-to-end latency
  • 48kHz, 480kbps audio quality